Our Pastor…

Most Embarrassing Moment…It was probably when I lost my swimsuit on a waterslide in Virginia Beach.  It was right before school had let out for summer, so the place was pretty deserted (thank God!).   I was really overweight back then and when I came down the slide, I came to a stop and a big whoosh of water came past me and pushed my swimsuit off and carried it a good 6 feet on the slide beyond me.  The lifeguard would not look away.  I kept praying she would.  I was so embarrassed.  But she watched me inch my way, legs locked and hand over the appropriate parts, down the slide to my swimsuit.   I struggled to put it on without showing anything, then left the place quickly afterwards.  My friend, Doug, just laughed.  Not my best day.

Favorite Movies:  Matrix, Mr. Destiny, Butterfly Effect, Vanilla Sky, Spanglish, Captain America: Winter Soldier

Favorite Childhood Food: Homemade manicotti stuffed with ground beef, ricotta, etc., and covered in ragu.  Mom made amazing manicotti.   And everything my wife makes is excellent.

Best joke you’ve heard lately?  Guy goes to a 24 hour convenience store.  Clerk is locking up.  Guy says, “I thought you were open 24 hours?”  Clerk: “Not in a row.”

Saw a T-shirt the other day worn by a tiny infant.  It said, “Recently Evicted.”  Great shirt…


“I was at a restaurant, I saw a guy wearing a leather jacket at the same time he was eating a hamburger and drinking a glass of milk. I said ‘Dude, you are a cow. The metamorphosis is complete. Don’t fall asleep, I will tip you over’”- Hedberg

Books?  “The Summons” by Dennis McCallum.  Not for how well it was written, but for the theology in it.  Very challenging and freeing.  It’s no longer in print but can be purchased here.   Also, Wisdom Hunter– the story of a very prideful and rules-oriented Pastor’s search for wisdom and truth.  Well-written and inspiring.  (Links provided for your ease of review and/or purchase.  We make nothing on the sale of these books.)

Who Are You Listening To?  Matt Chandler at the moment.

Hobbies: Motorcycles, Halo (PC), mountain biking every chance I get, hanging out with the Fam, reading.

TV Shows:  American Ninja Warrior, Broken Skull Ranch, The Voice, Blacklist

Favorite Layman Church Moment: 
Oh yeah, like I can pick just one!

What One Thing Should People Know Before Visiting?  Layman is not a performance-oriented or “show” church.  People don’t come to sit, stare and rate music or preaching.  Layman Church is real, raw and participatory.  There’s no gloss, no actors, no slick feel.  We’ll make a few mistakes and laugh at them together as we go deeper with God.  Oh, and that the end, I usually ask if there are any questions, comments or disagreements and respond to them.

None of this tells you who Brian is spiritually or what he really believes, so give him a holler and go do coffee with him.  Oh, and make sure he buys.