I’m New…


What is a worship service at Layman like?

Most services typically last an hour and include worship, prayer and a message with teaching from the Ancient Scriptures that will speak directly to your heart and the things you and I face today. Not because the Pastor is amazing. But because God is. And his Word changes lives. By the time you leave, you’ll be challenged, refreshed and ready to face the week with renewed passion- and a purpose that includes living for something greater than yourself.

What can I expect when I attend? What about my young children?

You’ll be greeted at the door by someone who is friendly and smiling. And they’ll hand you a Connections Sheet. You won’t be asked to wear a “visitor’s tag” or be singled out in any way. After the band finishes, we usually open Children’s Church. Children’s Church meets in the back Fellowship Room. Although you are always welcome to keep them with you in the worship area. Or go back at any time to check on your child/children. Babies are always welcome either in the worship center with you or in our warm and caring nursery. We built the nursery/toddler room with large windows so you can look in on them to make sure they’re enjoying their time. We care very much about your children’s safety. And we want you feel comfortable with whatever option you choose. OH…almost forgot! We also built a “baby cry room”- with speakers so you don’t miss anything- behind the worship area should you desire to use it.

Can I sell you my teens?

How many miles do they have on them? Can we kick the tires? Seriously, we have a Youth Group that meets during the 10 AM service. They study the Scriptures together, play hard and have a great time. It might be the perfect place to make a new friend. Youth group is, generally speaking, middle school through high school. The two things we don’t do…entertain/cater to teens just to get a crowd. And we don’t teach morality as the main point. Because we want to see them follow Jesus if they are willing. That’s what matters most. And only a changed heart will last beyond the high school years.

Adult Groups?

Our 2 Sunday morning adult groups both meet at 10 AM in rooms located near the back Fellowship Hall. Check ’em out.

I’m gonna be needing me some coffee!  And…do I have to drink it all before I come in?

No. You don’t. That would be cruel and inhuman punishment! We brew coffee every Sunday morning. And we have water and bags for hot tea. Or bring your own. And yes…you can drink it in the worship area. Because, just like the early church, we fellowship around food and drink. And the worship area is, for us, a big living room in which family and friends gather to worship, pray, fellowship and hear from the Scriptures together.

What do I wear?

What do you normally wear when hanging out with friends? Jeans and T’s are fine here. You can dress up if you prefer, but it’s not necessary.  (And you may feel out of place if you do.  We don’t want you to, but just now- we’re not a dress-up church.)

Do I need to bring a Bible?

You are welcome to if you’d like, but we print all verses on the screen. So the real issue is doing whatever you are most comfortable with.  We’re more concerned with reading the Scriptures during the week (and living what we say we believe than on the daily) than we are with whether or not people carry Bibles into church on Sunday because of some weird religious peer pressure.

I smoke. Are people gonna look at me funny as they walk past me into the building?

No, they just throw stuff! OK, OK,- you’ll see a few of our people standing around you doing the same. Might be a great time to get to know some really friendly people!

What’s the deal with the Pastor?

We’re not sure…we think he was dropped on his head a lot as a child. Maybe grew-up eating paint chips? Hmmm…
This was written, by the way, by the Pastor 🙂