Whatever You’re Facing Right Now

Whatever you’re facing. Whatever is going wrong. The challenge you’re up against. The hill you have to climb. The relational slap in the face that stings so bad. Or the health problem that makes you feel so isolated and alone. The car issues and the pain in your body and the addiction you didn’t even realize was addiction until now.

Here’s the thing: it may have taken you by surprise. It didn’t take Christ by surprise. And he’s not far off and vaguely disinterested. No, he’s more than interested. “I take notice of every bird that falls from the sky. I know the number hairs on your head. Nothing surprises me and nothing happens that I cannot get you through”- Jesus, paraphrased from Matthew 6.

Some people, well-meaning…will tell you that God will never give you more than you can handle. That’s a damnable lie. It’s meant to help. Instead, it hurts. Because then you start blaming God instead of reaching out to him. The scripture NEVER says that God won’t give you more than you can handle. Paul makes it clear in 2 Cor. 12:7-10 that God will often ALLOW (not always cause, though sometimes…) more than we can handle so that we stop arrogantly trusting in our own strength and have the joy of discovering his strength and love in our times of weakness.

That thing your dealing with. It didn’t take God by surprise. Since he already knew…he already has a plan to get you through. Or take you home when it’s time. Either way, he has the plan. So when the shock wears off and before the depression sets in, decide where your faith will be. Jesus loved you with his life and changed your eternity. Seems like he can handle the things you face today. And tomorrow? You ain’t there yet. So let’s just deal with today, alright? You may not have had a choice in the hardship. You do have a choice in your response. Choose faith.