All Religions= Same God?

We don’t worship the same God. All religions are not the same. What we believe matters.

I did an image search once for Pastor Brian Robinson. It pulled up a different guy. So I thought I’d be more specific. I pastored a church called The River. So I searched, Pastor Brian Robinson The River. Again, same guy. But not me. He’s got a better tan!

If you said, “I know Pastor Brian Robinson from The River.” And someone else said, “I know him, too!” First…I’d feel sad¬†for you. Because I’ve met me and, well, y’know. But second…you could be talking about two entirely different people.

The triune God of the Faith to which I hold is described in a particular way that is very different from the God of Islam. Including his nature, his desires and his methods. They would consider Jesus blasphemous for calling himself “the one and only Son of God”- John 3:16. Or saying that he himself is God in the flesh (the meaning of Immanuel). “If you’ve seen ME, you’ve seen THE FATHER”- Jesus. Islam does not make allowances for such blasphemy. Because they have a different God. With different character qualities and goals.

The God of another religion says that God was once a man and that man can become a God. This is not the God of the Faith to which I hold at all. The God of the Faith to which I hold has always existed and always been God. And for him, there is no Mrs. God. So this God is a different God than the God I follow.

Yet another says that Jesus is “a god but not the God.” They even reinterpret John 1:1 in their own version of the scriptures in order to make it so. Again…different God.

If you said, “I’m going to hang out with Brian Robinson. Can you give me directions?” You’d need to know which one, right? Otherwise, you’ll be hanging with this other cat. Who, I’m sure, is a good guy. But he’s not me. And he may not even like good, dark beers.

All religions are not the same. We don’t all have the same God. My God hasn’t told me to cut off the heads of infidels. The religion of peace can’t say that. Because I can quote chapter and verse that says he desires it. My God absolutely does not require that I be sealed in temple marriage and wear special undergarments. That’s a different God. One who used to be a man but became God. I don’t believe in him.

Alone of all the religions, including the pseudo-Christian religions, our Faith says not only that God loves us. But that he gives his Son to die on a cross for our sins. And that we are accepted on the basis of grace through faith. Not anything else that we do. If we add to or subtract anything from that, we’ve got a different God and a different religion.

All religions are not the same. We don’t all have the same God.