Today at Layman Church…

– We celebrated our last 9 AM service until Fall. We’re now back to 1 service (11 AM) through the Summer.

– Many of us checked-in at Layman during the service, inviting friends and family to join us.

– We looked forward to Allen Snell speaking next Sunday at 11 AM.

– Several of our men began to finalize details for the beach trip next week.

– Our women planned for Ladies Night Out next weekend.

– We proclaimed Christ’s Death until he comes again (Communion).

– We began talking about what it means to live Supernaturally in a Natural world.

– God led in how my family and I came to live in our current neighborhood.

– We talked about being Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered, Spirit-filled.

– What happens in the life of a believer cannot be explained by mere natural law: New Birth through God’s Spirit, Permanently Indwelling Spirit, Spiritual Gifts and Empowerment, God’s Spirit Prays for Us, He Convicts and Guides into Truth, He can be Grieved.

– Spirit-led Christians have a new Perspective. We see God differently. As well as people, our world, the Scriptures, etc.

– Spiritual Perspective…
ALL People: Imago Dei
: Fallen
: Christ died for
: In need of the same grace I’ve received

Imago Dei=Innate Value/Respect
Fallenness= I will get hurt, and I will cause hurt as well
Died for= I want Jesus’ heart for them…to know Jesus
In need of grace= I must forgive because I’ve been forgiven

– Spiritual Perspective…
GOD: Holy, Separate, Good
: Owes me nothing, never will
: Christ died for us anyway
: Continually gives grace

Holy, Separate, Good= doxa (glory in Him)
Owes me nothing= gratitude
Christ died for= trust/humility
Gives grace= confess/repent AND give the same grace to others

– Spiritual Perspective…
SCRIPTURES: Sola Scriptura
: Authority over
: Inspired, power for salvation
: Read me as I read them

Sola Scriptura= check everything against them (NEVER sit in a church in which the Pastor’s word is the final word…he’s under authority of the Scriptures as well)
Authority over= I’m not in charge
Inspired/powerful= reach with
Read me= expect to be changed as I read the Scriptures

– Spiritual Perspective…
WORLD: Created as good
: Fallen and Wasting Away
: Truth woven throughout
: Great beauty, points to God

Created good= recognize Creator
Fallen= not my hope
Truth= look at gospel interwoven
Beauty= enjoy to God’s glory (but don’t make it the point)

– When I’m (being) changed, me perspective changes and becomes biblical (God’s)

– This is a supernatural work of God’s Spirit within me as I trust, follow, surrender to his will and ways

– Spirit-led Christian give and receive freedom. Always.

– Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom- 2 Cor. 3

– Ends condemnation, behavior modification, shame and guilt

– God’s Spirit comes into our lives and hearts, supernaturally setting us free

– For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery- Gal. 5

– Freedom is received. By God’s Spirit at work in us, we reject guilt and shame. We reject religious rules. We are set free to follow convictions and to serve rather than be everyone’s judge

– That freedom we receive? We give it the same way…no guilt and shame from us. No religious rules. We set people free to follow convictions rather than be judged by us or judge us.

– We try to change no one. We can’t even change ourselves. How’s the diet going from the first of the year? Oh, THIS Monday will finally do it, right?

– We point to Jesus and believe that the One who is changing us can change them. No guilting, no shaming, no condemning…just pointing to Jesus and saying, “I’ll be glad to walk this journey with you. THIS is Christianity. Not that religious crap that throws shade and manipulates responses.

– We don’t try to remake into our image. We don’t try to change people to make us more comfortable with their behavior. The denial of self and carrying of a cross isn’t comfortable. But it IS Christ’s call.

– My control issues are just trust issues- if I truly trust Jesus. I don’t have to have control

– To the degree that I have a problem giving freedom, I have a spiritual problem. The Answer: Submit to Jesus. The most judgmental Christians are always the ones walking in some secret sin in their own lives. Always.

– “You have to change for me to be happy!” Translation: “I’m not walking with Jesus closely enough to be satisfied in him alone”

– Freedom is given in debatable matters, secondary issues, personal disagreements

– You weren’t always this way were you? OK then…why are you judging and condemning others who aren’t there yet? Why not rather encourage and point toward Jesus?

– The ability to give freedom is a supernatural work of God’s Spirit in me. You’ll see it to the degree that I’m walking with Jesus.

– God supernaturally produces in his followers (can’t really be faked…): New Perspective, willingness to receive AND give Freedom.