Layman Church
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Not organized religion...Just real church for real people

We meet for worship on Sundays at 9 AM and 11 AM  
Jeans and T's.  Hot coffee waiting on you. 
5207 Old Mountain Road, 24019

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What We're Not...

What do you think of when you hear the word "church"?  Dusty tradition?  The rules and regulations of organized religion?  Holier-than-thou attitudes and hypocrisy?  Constant appeals for your money?  The church "fashion show"? 

Um...yeah...we don't like any of that either.
 We don't obey the traditions of the past- we follow a God of the present.  And we're not about rules and regulations- never have been, never will be.  Holier-than-thou attitudes?  We're all people who struggle and have areas in which we need help.  Besides, I'm too busy dealing with my own areas of weakness before God to spend time trying to figure out what you're not doing right.  I will, though, walk beside you and encourage you in the faith as we both follow Jesus.  Oh, and we don't do politics, by the way...  If you're looking for a church they'll tell you why you need to be Republican or how great it is to be Democrat, we're not the church for you.
The money thing...we don't beg for money.  We're not organized around it and we don't have it as a goal.  We're upfront about the whole money issue.  Layman Church is a non-profit organization that exists on contributions.  The people who are already connected to Layman believe in our purpose, feel like Layman is meaningful to them and they give generously.  We never try to make people give.  Giving from the heart is from guilt is bad!  Oh- and we commit to give 10% of every dollar given to make our community and our world a better place.
Although we're pretty sure God is impressed by a thin strip of fabric hanging from a man's neck,surrounded by an expensive coat and completed with color-coordinated slacks and spit-shined shoes.  And that he's overjoyed when women wear really pretty dresses with lots of jewelry- we don't do the church fashion show.  Jeans and T's work fine for us.  You wanna dress up?  Go for it.  Just understand, some of us would rather just dress casually.  Regardless, we all know God's more concerned with what's going on inside, right?

Who We Are...

Layman Church is a fellowship of God-followers and God-seekers.  
Our goal is to become a church for the unchurched and the hurting.  A place of healing and hope.  Of acceptance and love.  A place where truth changes lives and love transforms hearts. 
And in this environment, irreligious and/or unconnected people can find a safe place to check out the faith without being pushed to believe or pressured to conform.  We are a place to connect, make friends, ask real questions and find real answers to the most important questions in life. 
We believe in truth- no apologies.  But we also believe the edge of truth is best communicated through the motive of real love.  Seems like Jesus might have done the same thing.  Hmmm...maybe we're onto something.

Not sure about your beliefs (or if you believe at all)?  
Had enough of church as usual and maybe dropped out of the church scene altogether?  We're here for you.  Want to hear sermons about how great you are and that God doesn't want to change you one single bit?  Don't bother hanging out with us.  You won't hear that at Layman.   We believe in a God who transforms lives from the inside out. 
Check us out, give us feedback and help us become a place of healing and hope- a church for people without a church.